MAISi – Management Application for Investigator Sites

Welome to MAISi (Management App for Investigator Sites), the fully-featured CTMS (Clinical Trials Management System)!

Until now, the options available for managing clinical trials at an investigator site were either keeping multiple shared spreadsheets or buying expensive software unsuited to Australian conditions. MAISi is the game-changer. Beginning as a repository for clinical trials data at a major hospital in 2001, MAISi has evolved into a sophisticated workflow application to assist in most aspects of a research unit’s operations.

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Table of Contents

How MAISi differs from other CTMSs
Intuitive but Powerful User Interface
The Table of Procedures – the Powerhouse of MAISi
Document Repositories
Ethics Submission
Patient Informed Consent Records
Support for Study Coordinators
Study Management
Patient Management
Patient Visit Management
Support for Managers
Obtaining Accurate Information
Staff Management
Preparing for Meetings
Financial Management Tools
The Catalogue of Costs
Third Parties
Types of Costs Stored
Cost Types Stored for Investigative Procedures
Creating a Per-Patient Budget
Creating Sponsor Invoices
Per-Patient Payment Invoices
Invoiceable Items Invoices
Invoices for the Recovery of Patient Expenses
Miscellaneous Invoices
Cost Management
Assigning Establishment and Recurring Fees to Studies
Creating Department Invoices
Managing the Financial Liability of a Business Unit
Monitoring the Ongoing Costs and Profitability of a Study
Reports, Spreadsheets and Word Documents
Management Reports
Study Portfolio Reports
Operational Reports
Patient and GP Letters
Performance Reports
Financial Reports
Data Validation Reports
Integration with Other Software
Organizational Structure, Hosting Arrangements and Security
Organizational Flexibility
Hosting Arrangements
Security Considerations
MAISi Security
Data Centre Security
The MAISi Framework
Our Project Plan for Cutover to MAISi
Phase 0: Planning
Phase 1: Study Portfolio
Data Migration Method
Completing Validation and Checking for Consistency
Phase 2: Completing the Cut-Over
Completion of the Catalogue of Costs
Entering the Table of Procedures
Generating Patient Visit Records
Assigning Study Fees
Generating Sponsor and Department Invoices