OSIRIS Demonstration Website

It’s easy to find out more about OSIRIS by trying it out for yourself.

To this end, we can set up a demonstration system exclusively for your hospital. This system will have a degree of customisation (e.g. your hospital name and corporate colours) but will contain generic test data. Though not containing data on real patients, you may use the demonstration system to assess the following:

  • How easy it is to learn.
  • How easy it is to book several cycles of treatment in one go.
  • How easy it is to reschedule or cancel appointments multiple appointments in one go as situations change.
  • How easy it is to access a complete patient history.
  • How it can be used effectively as a reference for drugs, regimens and procedures.
  • How easily it integrates with your organisation structure and clinical procedures.
  • How effective it is as an intra-departmental communications tool: separate screens for the front desk, the nurses and the nurse manager.
  • How effective it is in aiding communications with pharmacy (e.g. chemotherapy orders), with doctors (e.g. treatment lists) and with patients (e.g. appointment letters).
  • How effective it is as a management tool (e.g for analysing waiting lists or bed occupancy).
  • etc.

If you are still not convinced after trying out the demonstration system, why not contact us for a list of our satisfied customers?

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