OSIRIS Scheduler

The main module of OSIRIS, maintains the schedule of appointments for a day chemotherapy department.

Some of OSIRIS Scheduler’s best features include:

  • It is easy to learn with detailed online documentation and videos.
  • It displays today’s, or this week’s, schedule (or any other day’s / week’s) on any computer.
  • It is easy to book several cycles of treatment in one go.
  • It is easy to reschedule or cancel appointments multiple appointments in one go as situations change.
  • It is easy to access a complete patient history.
  • It can be used effectively as a reference for drugs, regimens and procedures.
  • It is effective as an intra-departmental communications tool: separate screens for the front desk, the nurses and the nurse manager.
  • It is an aid to communications with pharmacy (e.g. chemotherapy orders), with doctors (e.g. treatment lists) and with patients (e.g. appointment letters).
  • It is a good management tool (e.g for analysing waiting lists or bed occupancy).
  • etc.

Why not see for yourself in the videos?

Finally, with the Scheduler, your data is secure. Unlike Access™ databases or spreadsheets on network drives, where multi-user access can lead to data corruption, OSIRIS Scheduler is a web application designed specifically for security – with a multi-level security system, industrial-strength database, optimistic logging, regular back-ups and transaction logging.

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